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The Nest is for all the birds to rest. And they fit like it rhymes. The belt is designed to fit all three lines of our new throw ropes - EAGLE, HAWK and FALCON in all sizes. No need to mix and match - get a rope you like and this belt will carry it.

+ Floatable 38 mm Polypropylen webbing wraps comfortably around your waist.
+ 40 mm Quick-release cam lock secures the tension of the belt and releases when needed.
+ Docking pad is cushioned with PE foam for more comfort and ease of deployment.
+ Reliable G-hook on one end makes the attachment and the deployment of the throw rope quick and easy.
+ 25mm quick-release cam lock on the other locks any size of the throw rope in place - pull and lock as you need.
+ Color coded webbing with high visibility makes finding the right end at the right time easy.

Hiko Nest Safety Belt