Length - 8'11"

Width - 26.3"

Volume - 92.4 gal

Weight - 44 lbs

Range - 150-220lbs

The ZET Cross is a sporty and an easy to maneuver design. The flat hull and narrow width combined with its generous bow rocker keep the boat fast and on top of waves and holes. It accelerates quickly and holds its line perfectly. The edges of the Cross make it highly responsive to its paddler. The ZET Cross is easy to turn and has no ‘catchy features,’ making it the perfect kayak for any whitewater purpose and environment.

The Zet Cross is designed for paddlers in the weight range of 150lbs to 220lbs. Its speed and responsiveness make it suitable for not only expert kayakers looking to podium in extreme races but also for intermediate paddlers wanting to improve their skills. If your paddling style requires drive and responsiveness, this boat is for you.

Zet Cross