JS Sneaker

-Cut for a 6'+

-240lbs -260lbs

-34" inseem

Sneaker: "The Sneaker delivers Asylum-style performance to paddlers with longer inseams of 31-37″. Serving up the same combination of super-slinky, smooth screws and cartwheels and soft sinkability as the shorter boats in the series, it offers the added benefit of being long enough to gather large amounts of current and thus achieve downtime like the classic long boats! Plump, cushy deck features give superior comfort even in very low chops, and the boat carries enough speed thanks to its greater length to be a very good river-running squirt as well. The Sneaker has proven its downtime pedigree already, placing in the top three in both the expert and intermediate classes at the 2002 US Mystery Nationals alongside mystery machines like the Bigfoot, Shred and Angst. Soft, smooth, easy to live with- a top choice for a good cruising machine."

It's actually much less optimal of a boat for big roaming rides than the description might indicate, but that's what they were saying 20 years ago when it came out....

New PS Composites Sneaker

$1,700.00 Regular Price
$1,500.00Sale Price